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Is Your Family an Idol?

Wrote this devotional for a mom at our church. Hubby said to post it, so here it is :) ============================================================================ I feel like a lot of motherhood is worry. My son is in the stage where lots of things go in the mouth and lots of exploring happens. Which means anything is a hazard. I told David I feel like my danger radar is just like in the movies when someone has like super technological glasses and when they look around the room they can identify things that the naked eye can’t. Like I feel like I have beams that shoot out to all the hazards so that I can anticipate them and prevent bad things from happening to my wild child. And I'm maybe more prone to worry than other people, having been raised by worriers. But the thing is, I don’t want to worry all the time. And God says not to worry. Recently, I sent David on an errand with the baby so I could get some work done. And because my brain works the way it does, I thought

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