A Letter to Jesus in Praise

Dear Lord, 
I am beyond thankful for You. I praise You for coming to earth, and I thank You for giving us this special season called Christmas to draw near to others and remember You. Lord, my heart aches to think of all the people who don't know You, who only know Christmas as a time for getting and giving presents, shopping, eating, being with family. Christmas is so much more. Christmas is a special day to recall and praise Jesus for His birth, for coming down to heaven to the earth, suffering for us, and sharing the message of repentance and redemption. God, Christmas is about You. Please Lord, center our hearts to where they should be. 

Father God, please come near to us. Open hearts and minds to understand who You are. God, You are the Savior of the world. If only we would listen and accept. 

Father, I thank You that You are not at all like Santa Claus, who bases his giving on how good or bad we are. You, God, are the Father of grace. There is not enough good in the world for us to do to get close to Your goodness, so I thank You for sending Jesus to be born, to live, to suffer, to die, and to be RESURRECTED from the grave in order to show us the power of Your love.

God, I suffer in these times especially because I long for my loved ones to know You like I do. My heart is for them. My heart is for everyone on earth, God, who doesn't know You. 

Dear Jesus, You are everything to me.  Where would I be without You?

Thank you for Christmas. Thank you for gingerbread cookies, and Christmas Eve fish dinners, and presents, and family, and eggnog, and coffee, and friends, and hopes and dreams and tights and sweaters and boots and cold winter air and tea kettles and friendship bracelets and mittens. Thank You for life on earth, and for everlasting life with You in eternity.

Lovingly, a broken and sinful person saved by grace and faith in Jesus Christ. ~Alexis


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