One Year Closer to Home

Everyone has an opinion of their birthday. They love it, or they hate it, or they don’t care and choose not to make a big deal out of it. I, for one, know how to do a birthday right. I plan it out, invite guests, get hyped about choosing this year’s cake, and purchase pastries because, obviously, birthday pastries are allowed on all trainer’s diets.

But birthdays can also be tough, because it means we get older, and have to report a higher number to people. And we start to lie about how old we really are (well, I’m not there yet, but I hear people do that). And with each year we get more wrinkles, more responsibilities, more joint issues, more problems. According to many of my older clients, aging is a hassle and I shouldn’t do it.

But I know a God who views this stuff differently. In fact, He bestows aging and its related problems as a blessing. And yesterday, in a blessed moment of God saving me from viewing birthdays as others do, my boss reminded me: every birthday is “one year closer to home.” Oh how I drew my hands toward the heavens and gave a shout of praise! Thank You Jesus for the promise of salvation and the hope of eternal life with You! This earth is not our home, and the reason everything’s wrong here is that it was never meant to be this way. Our home is in heaven with Christ, in ultimate glory and splendor and awesomeness and rest and peace and salvation from all that ails us. Whee! What a relief to know God’s plan for birthdays. What a special reminder. I am one year closer to home. 


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