Resting in His Promises

When God makes a promise, He fulfills it.

This Truth is so evident in Scripture, and I’ve been learning it more and more. In my BSF lesson, we have been studying Genesis, and are learning from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob about their faith, their mistakes, their lives, their wives, their children—and the promises that God makes to them. And the blessing of being able to read their stories is that I can plainly see that God is a promise-keeper.

Abraham and Sarah had a baby by God’s power alone. God told Abraham he would have many descendants  and, in the right time, God enabled them to have Isaac. Isaac and Rebekah couldn’t conceive for 20 years. But they prayed and waited. Isaac prayed on behalf of his wife, and God granted more than they asked—twins! And God fulfilled his promise to Jacob by defying human custom and causing Isaac to send his blessing to the younger son, so that it would be through Jacob that the chosen people would come.

When God says he’ll do something, He makes it happen.

This is a beautiful thing, and I trust in it. One thing I believe and put my hope in is that I will one day be a mother. I could very well be wrong, and be single all my life, and be the better for it for trusting God’s plan for my life. But it is my belief that He has planned for me to marry and have beautiful children. I am holding onto this promise, and recall all the moments people have told me I would make a good mommy. How dear I hold those moments in my heart, and how precious the thought of waiting on God’s goodness and His timing for this to happen.

Truth is, for most of my life, to be a wife and mother was my goal. I have always known this is what I wanted. But it wasn’t until I met God, and trusted in Him for my life and started loving Him so much more than I ever imagined, that this took a different place in my heart. The goal of getting married isn’t my reason for living, it isn’t why I love God, it doesn’t make me love Him any less because I am single right now. It isn’t my goal. The Lord, His Kingdom, and His righteousness are my goals. I persevere to all that He draws me towards. And to be married—would be a wonderful gift in this beautiful life He gives. I will take whatever He gives, but I trust in the promise, in the words of my friends, clients, neighbors, who randomly breathe God’s promises to me that I will one day be a mother.

God is a promise-keeper. I will love Him today, and I will trust in His unfailing love forever and ever.


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