Hudson Taylor

I am reading "Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission."

I am astounded. Convicted. Heart stirred. Hudson Taylor was a missionary to China, and lived every moment in surrender and service to Christ. I am not revering him, but Christ's power in him. It's funny, I read maybe just 6 pages and had to stop. Wanted to digest it slowly and savor the goodness of the power of Christ in this man's life. It all points to Christ. And He is so good. And 20 pages later my heart is burning for the unsaved, and for all the ways my life should change to be of greater service to Christ Jesus. And I felt like I had to tell someone, and so I am telling you.

You should read this book. Even just read the first 26 pages.

It. is. that. good. Because He. is. that. good.

Now go buy it, amazon it, google it, library it, find it, read it. For the sake of the Kingdom of Christ and because of our duty in the Great Commission by the Lord Jesus himself, "Go ye into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."

Amen and amen.


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