The year my son was born. 

Police violence. Crowd retaliation. Racism strong. Two ugly presidential candidates. 


A bombing in Turkey.
A shooting in Orlando. 
Two friends with cancer.
A couple at church losing their first born baby. 

How long, oh Lord? How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until You judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?

How long must our hearts be heavy with news, with the future, with our presents, with injustice, with sin, with hatred, with sadness and grief and weighed down joy?

Lord, have mercy. You are full of patience, unending patience and mercy. Waiting to rain down. Waiting to draw in those whom You have called. You are patient. Our violence is impatient. We are drowning in it. 

My son was born this year. The year it seems the world is going downhill. It seems it's worse than it has been. The worst presidential race with the worst candidates. Inevitably they beat out seemingly nicer individuals. My heart hurts each time I hear more news. And I find it on Facebook, a platform more and more stuffed with bad news and cries of pain and people crying out for justice. People who don't know You Lord. They don't know only You can restore justice and peace. You alone. 

God alone. How long, oh Lord? Have mercy on us. 


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