Holding On

My God is so Big, so Strong, and so Mighty. There’s nothing that He cannot do.

I am holding onto these words from a beautiful children’s song. I learned it, first in Spanish, in Bolivia this past summer on a trip with InterVarsity. The lyrics popped into my head, and I am grateful to be reminded that there is nothing my God cannot do.

I am grieving this night, as I often do. I get sad by the world. Sad for my family. Sad when people yell. When I hear things and watch movies that make me think about the end of the world. When I list out prayers to God for people I have met, feeling hopeful and hopeless at the same time. There are so many on my list. Easy to feel overwhelmed. One, for instance, is a 3-year-old beautiful girl named Sarita, who lives in Bolivia. I pray for her, knowing that where she lives is in a tiny room with her mother and grandparents. She plays with dirty toys and, I’m assuming, has no access to medical care. I pray for her, and feel hopeless that her situation can change. But there is nothing that God cannot do.

My original intention for this post was to write the joys I’ve found lately while living at home. I want to praise God for these things, so let’s do that. Mostly, there are times when I catch myself yearning to be kind and patient, reminding myself of 1 Corinthians 13—about what it means to love, how to practically live it out. Lately, I catch myself refining my actions, holding onto my words, and extracting patience out of nowhere. I am loving the Lord for this. It is hard for me to live at home, and so in this “battlefield,” where my true colors shine and people are harder to love than anywhere else, I find God refining me. I am so thankful. So in love with my God for how He uses challenges to refine us.

What’s great about this mixture of joy and sadness is that God always wins in the end and from the beginning. So my heart burns a little, but it will not be this way forever. The One and Only Lord is the Creator of all and Conqueror of evil. He is so Strong, and Big, and Mighty—it is Truth that there is nothing that He cannot do.

Will you join with me in praying for little Sarita and her family—as well as families like hers everywhere on this planet, yearning for a better life and for a Savior? Pray for health, protection, and Jesus to live in her life.



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