I Need Slow

I am thankful for God's presence and faithfulness. This morning, I had a list of things to do. It's my day off from work, which means I need to get stuff done! So I'm rushing about, prepping Halloween dinner, cleaning the house, scanning my list of appointments to make and things to buy. And my heart is anxious, so I take a step back and read the Word.

I am thankful for the way God calms my heart. I list out my problems for Him, and plead for Him to take over and help me. And the last thing I wrote in my journal was: "I'd like to get some worship in this morning." What I meant was, I wanted to sing to the Lord. Use the guitar and sing some songs to calm me down and focus on the Lord and praise Him.

But then God nudged my heart to think--what is worship? And why limit it to just the 20 minutes I would take to play the guitar? I want to worship Him all day long! I want to find Him in the little things, and praise Him. I want to 

SLOW down. I NEED to slow down. My heart rate needs to SLOW. I need slow. 

I want to worship Him with my actions and thoughts and slow moments of thankfulness. So, today, I will focus on constant worship. I will play the guitar, play the 5 chords I know how to play which lets me play a good number of worship songs. And I will be grateful for His presence this entire day, because He isn't just with me when I sit and meet with Him, or when I sit and praise Him with music. He is with my all day long, and I want to open my heart to slow and to just be

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Amen. 


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