Happy People Fully Engage

I opened up Henry Cloud's "The Law of Happiness," and found an intriguing chapter.

It is titled "Happy People Fully Engage," and I think it's what I've been searching for. I worry quite often about how I'm using my time. What do I fill it with? What does God want me to fill it with? How can I serve others but also make sure that when I need rest I take it? Is watching episodes of Friends restful?

I think what it boils down to is that I watch too much t.v. I think it's restful, but it ends up making me feel more like what research has shown people typically feel while watching sitcoms: "mildly depressed" (page 80 of the book). I generally find my free time uncomfortable. Always searching for the perfect thing to fill, and I truly end up mildly depressed when I don't have something to do. Rest is good, but it's hard to manage.

Instead, Cloud writes that we should find activities to be engaged in that challenge us, stretch us, and invigorate us so that time seems to fly by, because "heaven knows no time, and when we are closest to heaven, we know no time either" (pg. 78).

Even the idea of finding something to do in the time outside of work invigorates me. I love making things. So start an Etsy account? I love being outside so, plant and keep up a garden? Just being engaged in something that is beautiful and not mindless will bring glory to God, as I enjoy Him more, and learn to live more fully engaged.

Cool idea, huh?


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