What is true?

God will provide. He gives food and shelter to birds who do not ask for it. And He says in his living Word that we are more precious than sparrows. 

God has a plan. He had a plan for the people of Israel. A plan to prosper. He gives hope. He has a future in mind for His people. He even tells us what this future is (to all who believe in Jesus, ETERNAL LIFE with riches and rewards beyond our comprehension). 

God loves me. God so loved the world. His ONLY son, the God and Man, Jesus, He gave up. He watched Jesus die. Life that He invented and wanted to never die like that....He let it happen. Because He loves us. The greatest gift is His love. 

He directs my way. A man plans his own way, but the Lord directs his steps. 

I can find refuge in Him. He is my fortress, I shall not be shaken. All who take shelter in His wings will be protected.

These are comforting truths to my warring heart. My stomach has been in knots recently. Frequent stomach aches, I've been perusing the food I've eaten to figure out what's bothering my stomach. It's probably nerves. This stage of life. Not knowing what's next. Even now my stomach is in knots, but reviewing what is true: this calms. Knowledge calms. Fears have no place in front of the King who provides, has a plan, loves, directs my way, and offers protection under His precious wings. Thank You Jesus.


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