Psalm 19

What if the trees stopped moving?

 If the branches stood still, and bushes wouldn't rustle, and we were the only ones moving, everything else standing still?
What if ripples made by pond ducks were only for story books and imaginations? Hearts closed to the movements of other more lovely things?
Wind. Wind and movement and sound. The heavens declare. Speechless yet speech is air moving, so what we can't hear we can feel and see. We can feel the movement of the earth, the speech of the heavens. In segments of ponds that ripple harder than others, in the way we breathe in more deep and later notice how hard our lungs were working to catch the air moving. In feathers that cling to grasses, wisps working harder (or wishing more!) for the air.
What is air? and where does it come from? We hear because the air moves. And moving air we see and we feel.

Do we hear the speech? The heavens are declaring. Where would we be if the trees stopped moving?


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