The Missing Piece

Today I came across a book titled The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein. It is about a circle who is searching for his missing piece. It sings as it searches through oceans and swamps, and climbs mountains, and rolls down hills—searching for its missing piece. 

It comes across triangle pieces that look like they could fit! But none of them do. Finally he comes across his missing piece! The perfect piece!

But then, he realizes that the missing piece that completed his circle and filled his mouth prevents him from singing. So, they decide to part ways.

 I tell you, when I read this, I got upset and deeply depressed. This story is about a circle and a triangle. But still, when they both ended up alone, I wanted to punch this book. I was upset that they split. But more than that, I felt profoundly saddened by the fact that this circle had a hunger for something that didn’t exist within his world. He hungered for his missing piece. But when he found it, it wasn’t adequate. And so he was left with his hunger.

It makes me sad, but it is true that there is a missing piece that so many of us feel. We are empty and restless until we find the One whom our heart loves. The beautiful thing about Him is that he is more powerful than a triangle, and always with us. In fact, the second we ask for Him, he runs to us. How comforting to know our True Love—Christ Jesus, my Love and my Life and my Everything—did not write The Missing Piece. He wrote a different book that says that He is the one to fill our emptiness. And He does. If The Missing Piece were all there was, I would be profoundly sad forever. Thank You Lord Jesus, that there is so much more. 


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