By Faith

Abraham. What a guy. Against all hope, he believed the promises of God. In hope he believed and became the father of many nations. Without weakening in his faith, he endured the wait and saw God's promises fulfilled. Against the odds, he had a son! He never wavered in unbelief, but was fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised (Romans 4:18-25).

Read up on this guy. What a beautiful picture of peace, contentment, and pure faith in the Lord. Abraham.

In my study on Genesis, we read about Abraham, and read some more about him in Romans. I want to be him. I want my faith to be that unwavering. Instead, I am full of doubts. Oh unfaithful one.

As I continued through Romans this evening, God was blowing my mind. My life events coupled with these verses--that say over and over and over again that God is the one who justifies, that God redeems, that our righteous acts are not what saves, but that God does--hits home even harder how great God is.

Salvation does not depend on man's effort or desire, but on God's mercy (Romans 9:16). God is the subject, the doer, the justifier, the lover. And the reason for doing righteous acts are not to justify ourselves or be higher than others, but to lead us to freedom, for "the law was intended to bring life" (Romans 7:10). God wants life for us, freedom from sin, freedom from fear--and this is by grace, through faith, not through anything we can do. And once we are in Christ, there is no separating us from His love. Hallelujah!!!!!!!

I want to learn so much more about God. "Good" is a word that hardly barely disgustingly inefficiently describes who God is. Because He is so much more. I long to know Him.

This is what God taught me, reminded me, planted in my heart tonight. All glory to Him.


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