These Are The Days I Love

I have glitter in my hair, my back hurts from walking all day, being on my feet, working, and then lifting four beautiful children to and fro. I've had scarcely an hour "to myself" all day long, but these are the days I love

My day started at 5:50 AM, waking up to an alarm but hardly hearing it ring due to the deep sleep it pulled me out of. Off to work, client after client, leading them through workouts, being motivating and positive. Acknowledging my fatigue and hunger, and loving every minute of living and knowing that hunger makes me cranky but it's ok because I am working and I am loved by God and I get to babysit after work, which is something I love to do. 

And somehow God has given me unending amounts of patience with these children, whom I adore, but who require unending mediation through conflict resolution and ice packs for the injuries they give each other, and snacks and attention and diaper changes and stories. And in our imaginary play world tonight I gave birth to ten baby dolls at once, per the request of the 5 year old. So, let's call that impressive.

But let me say it again. God gave me unending amounts of patience. There were several moments throughout the night when...I didn't know how I was carrying on. It was for love for these children and through thankfulness for this beautiful season of my life where I can be in the lives of all these children I babysit. I was amazed at how God equipped me for the task. 

And I am glad to be useful. I love using my talents for the glory of the Lord and for loving people and being passionate and excited about life. I just love it. Thankful for this day, and wanted to share. 

I am, however, running out of steam. To bed. 


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