Do you ever have those nights where you're just so excited about God and life and everything that you can't sleep!!! Heart racing and just want to jump up and down all crazy-like!!! So...that's me right now! Just got back from youth group at my new church. And my friend Julie went too! She's gonna be a youth leader too! We reconnected after college after being friends in grade school. I am happy to have her in my life!

And at youth group we talked about evangelism. I got to lead a section of the discussion. Sharing my heart with young ones, sharing my joy and my love for the Lord. My heart is happy!

And I have a job! I am a personal trainer! And Julie may get a job there too! I am happy!

And I have my Life Group tomorrow with awesome women! And on Monday I'm headed to a BSF class. I am so excited to study the Word. I am HUNGRY for it! Even the prospect of an in-depth study with other people to help me understand...I am ecstatic!

Basically it comes down to the Lord is good. I am so happy to know Him. I am so happy He revealed himself to me. I am so happy He gave me this beautiful heart that wants to love and serve others. I know I am mean sometimes, and lazy, and rude, and impatient, and distracted and too busy focused on MY future to see GOD's present for me. Yet the Lord changes lives and hearts. I love him so stinkin' much!

I am happy tonight!

May you know this joy.


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