I met with my dear friend Erin today, a fellow believer and sister in Christ. And what conviction and hope I have after meeting with her! I love how God uses time with other believers for our good. Erin told me about a Harvard graduate student she had met recently, who found herself in a stressed and anxious semester. In her need, she prayed to God, who answered. “Tithe your time," He said. So the student gave 1/10 of her time to the Lord. Two hours and 24 minutes every day were spent in prayer, seeking God. Her grades did not suffer one bit, and she received spiritual blessings in place of stress. How smart our God is. When we are rooted in Him, our days are undoubtedly better. Period.

Of course, the temptation is to think that’s a lot of time. I’d have to give up TV. Do I even have 2 hours a day of free time? What if I mess up and miss a day? I better not try at all. Will 30 minutes suffice?

But what got me was this: Erin said to think about having a spouse, and spending only 2.4 hours a day with them. Just like a parable, I understand this. I desire to be married. To think about only spending 2.4 hours a day with my husband? No way—I would want to spend the whole day with him! So being intimidated by finding the time to meet with God that long is crazy.

The Truth, He says, is that we are His bride, His beloved. He is the one whom our heart loves. As a husband longs for his wife, Christ longs to spend time with us. I long for Him, and desire to know more about Him, and to serve Him with my whole life. So 2.4 hours per day in prayer, reading the bible, in worship, in seeking Him—this is my new goal. I will fail, undoubtedly. But if I don’t seek Him, I won’t know Him. He is my beloved. Two hours per day should not nearly be enough.

Blessings to you, and may you know Him,


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