A New Year Sings Praise to God

My heart reflects my mind. My mind worries needlessly when I forget my God.

In December, I found myself rushing to and from everything. My work requires me to be scheduled and rushed, and efficient. But even when I’m home, I can’t shake the need for efficiency, for doing. If walking out of the bathroom to the kitchen, I race and my heart needs to work harder to back up my speed, and my heart is rushed and races and doesn’t sleep and worries. Folding laundry is a military procedure. Efficient, get it done, quick, stop wasting time, what else can I fold into my time sheet?

And God is wise, and shows me my Martha when I should be Mary, and He reminds me there is an art and a discipline to Being in Him. And so he sent a friend to tell me to memorize James. And so I started. And I slowed. Miraculously. A weekend out of town, away from work, a change of my usual routine, brought me to seek to actually memorize instead of just saying I was going to do it.

And behold, I am calmed. James 1. So much wisdom to feed off. So much goodness of God to wonder and behold in my heart. And in the car, I closed the noise, turned off the radio, and said aloud God’s promises. And this is a good thing. Should I make a resolution? Say I shall never listen to the radio in January, and instead use that time to memorize and repeat, speaking God’s words? Perhaps. But I won’t, because I don’t make resolutions. They cause me to worry that I’m going to break them, for they are fragile and built on human wisdom. Instead, I seek God. God frees me from worry and causes me to sing praise. 

Thank You, Lord, for a new year. How beautiful it is to know You.


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