God Speaks

I love it when God speaks. When I slow time and pay attention, set the timer to do nothing else but listen to God, I hear Him. He brings me to pray for my future adopted children, praying for a household of worship and love and comfort. And I pray for my future husband, who will lead and teach and love and treasure Christ above anything else. And I feel Him leading me to send an email, make a plan to bring a friend to bible study.

And while I prayed, these words came from my heart, Earnestly I seek You. I desire You. I thirst for You.

And song lyrics, written by dear friends from my Michigan church, pop in and I start singing. We wait for You. We wait for You. We wait for You to walk in the room. Unrelated random brain thinkings?

Nope, 'cause the song title is "Psalm 63." So I open up to read it, and the phrases I feel so strongly, earnestly I seek You and I thirst for You are there.

You would think I would know this Psalm better. Yourloveisbetter.blogspot.com comes from the words I have found forever beautiful, Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.

My soul thirst for You, O Lord, in a dry and weary land. I know that nothing will satisfy except for You. Make me a pure heart, one that seeks You and only You. There are no other gods besides You whom my heart adores. 

I pray this Psalm for my life, for my forever, for my future family, for my day today. I pray to know God so much that I can say, "My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise You" (verse 5).

What's cool is that David wrote this psalm in a desert, in the Desert of Judah as Saul was planning to kill him. And lately, my soul has been clinging to James, and the idea of persevering--praising the Lord in trials. So it works, and I wish I knew more theology and history to really understand the depth of what this all means. But what I do know is that God is good to lead me here, and He has a purpose for it. Psalm 63 y'all. Read it, memorize, know it, and trust in God's faithful goodness.


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