My soul is dark within me, heavy mourning the depth of my sin. But God is my shield and my very great reward. So I cling to Him. By Faith I take His Word in my heart, and pierce the lies where they start. As a darkness sharpens the goodness of light, so my sin drives me deep to discover the goodness of the Lord, the God who loves me and gave His life for me. By Faith in Him I am healed.  I cling to my one true love, forever, Jesus Christ. 


  1. Hey! Your comments work, awesome! So I've been on vacation the last few days and I have to say that when I have a family, vacations need to be different. I don't think God meant us to have such mind numbing, pleasurable theme parks that have only distracted me from the study of His word. Sorry this is random...I've done some walking the past few nights, it's been beautiful and warm, and I've been reflecting on Mark 1, which talks about John the Baptist. Water baptism? Why do we need it? Why does water baptism come before the baptizing of the Spirit?

    So I considered the properties of water. Clean water is transparent, it let's light pass through it, it even reflects it. A drop of water, when it rejoins it's Source, is rejoiced with a ripple and then immediately becomes indistinguishable from that Source. Water does not resist flow, it moves in the way it is directed. Water can cut through rock, it is powerful, it can create grand canyons if it continues to flow without stopping.

    We need water baptism first, before we can be baptized my the Spirit and begin our work. We need to be cleansed of our sin before we can come to the throne and serve Him. Jesus was baptized by John not for the forgiveness of HIS sin, but to show us the way to be cleansed of OURS.
    Anyway, that's what's been on my heart and I wanted to share it with you.

    As I fail to let God be first, I thank Him for these musings even in a dark place. Let the rain wash away my sins.

    1. Love your comment, thanks for your thoughts :)


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